To be used by God to reach all people, through missional living, which includes such ministries as: health, evangelism, education, worship and fellowship, that they be made whole in the Lord Jesus Christ.




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Sermon Recordings


The Christian Badge


Our Way

What is True Love Like

In Memory of ME

God is Calling Ordinary People to do Extraordinary Work

The Blessing of Suffering

Living in Grace, perfect Love, Perfct Faith

The Heart of Matthew 6

Life and Teachings of Jesus

God's Righteousness

Compelled by Love

True Religion

Tried Gold

Loving God and Loving Each Other

I Am Willing

Out of Bounds

Life and Teaching of Jesus pt.8

Life and Teaching of Jesus

Deferred Gratification

Christ Our Passover

Break Your Hold Upon God

Something Greater Than the Name of Jesus

What Really Happened at the Cross

Love in Action

Freedom Without Rules

The Heart of the Message


Life and Teaching of Jesus

What Jesus Says About Families

The Blessings-Life & Teaching of

Jesus Part 3

Path to the Throne of God