Sermon Recordings

Justice & Forgiveness

No Regret

Christ Righteousness

Preparation for the Final Crisis Pt. 3

Preparation for the Final Crisis Pt. 2

Conceive it-Belive It-Achieve It

The Mark of Doom

America and The Other Lamb

The Truth, The Lie & The Consequence

A Relationship That Matters

Choose You This Day

How is Your Faith?

America & The Lamb

The Remnant

Never Give Up

The Blood of the New Covenant

Show Us The Way

The Lost Father

The Virtuous Mother

Living Life to the Fullness

The Benefits of the Cross

Health Ministry Weekend

Into the Holy of Holiest

Why Are You So Afraid

Behold Your God, Behold The Lamb!


Postponing Your Funeral

The Gathering

Two Resurrections and Hellfire

Effective Salvation

Choose You This Day

Jitters at JABBOK

Blessed Are Those Who Die in the Lord

Sanctuary & Salvation pt. 1

It Won't Be Long

Before the Judgement Seat

God's Sanctifying Sign